About us

The Agricultural Engineering Precision Innovation (Agri-EPI) Centre is one of four national Agri-Tech Centres funded by the UK Government to bridge the gap between industry and academia across the agri-food sector.

Through a £90 million investment from Innovate UK, the government’s strategic innovation agency, Agri-EPI Centre is part of a wider drive to improve the efficiency, productivity and resilience of the agri-food sector. By connecting the world-class research and expertise of our academic institutions with technological innovators, we’re working to enhance the UK agricultural sector.

Our objective is to connect innovators across the industry and nurture their ideas to bring to market new and exciting agri-tech that can transform the efficiency and productivity of farmers. We help SMEs find investors, connect academics and researchers with cutting-edge trials, provide business technology incubators and establish key industry partnerships between our network members.

Our Network

The Agri-EPI Centre network is a platform for collaboration; our members come from a diverse range of sectors including academic institutes, consultancies, farmers, retailers, investors and tech start-ups.

Our job is to connect networks members through webinars, workshops and events, bringing together a diverse mix of talent from across the UK. By forging links between companies, we’re able to instigate working relationships that accelerate agri-tech solutions’ route to market and, as a result, encouraging innovation and driving the transformation of the UK agri-food sector.